Hearts for Hope Questions & Answers

We want to thank everybody that attended our first annual Hearts for Hope dinner on August 26.  The format of the presentation was answering questions we have received over the last 2 years. In addition, we asked people to ask their own questions.  Below are some of those questions and answers.

Who runs the house of Hope while we are away?

Joe & Allison married on June 16 and arrived at the House of Hope on June 23.  You can find more information in our "God's Perfect Timing" blog.

Does Penelope have a passport?

Yes, we applied for a passport when she was less than 2 weeks old.  Her passport, and sweet photo, will be valid for 5 years.  Once we arrive in Honduras, she will apply for the same residency that Lauren and Steven have.

of the 35 residents, how many have family nearby?

There are 11 kids with family nearby that visit them throughout the year.  In addition there are other kids who are able to visit their families that live farther away during the holidays.

What are some success stories for kids that have "aged out" of the House of Hope?

In November 2015, our first resident graduated from High School. Thelma came back to the House of Hope for a year of service.  After taking some time off, she started nursing school in the summer of 2016.

Moving forward, we are asking our upcoming high school graduates NOT to give us a year of service.  We would prefer them to apply and attend university, and/or find employment.


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