Send Hope is a 501c-3 non-profit organization that Dr. Tom Brian started
to help the people on the Moskito Coast of Honduras.  The House of Hope is located in the city of Puerto Lempira.

The Children's Home

The House of Hope houses partially disabled children while they continue their education at the School of Hope. It also houses malnourished babies, sometimes including their families, as well as abused and neglected children. There are 16 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a kitchen and large eating area. While the number of residents varies, approximately 35 - 45 people live in the House of Hope.

School of Hope

The School of Hope teaches up to 120 children daily. The school now has 4 classrooms that were completed in February of 2015. All school-age children (Grades 1-6) living at the House of Hope also attend this school. Additionally, the school teaches children outside of our walls that have nowhere else to obtain an education.

Nourishment Program

Many children in the Puerto Lempira area have loving wonderful and loving families,  however, they do not have the resources to provide the proper nourishment for their children. Without proper nutrition, these children can be delayed in their physical and mental development. This program offers baby formula and fortified rice to provide these children with well balanced meals.

Please feel free to contact Send Hope with any questions you may have regarding the organization, making a donation or to inquire about an upcoming trip.

Telephone: (972) 499-1660
Fax: (214) 383-0667
755 Heritage Parkway Allen, TX  75002